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Question-whiteWater Trough Help

by Martha Spivey - Nov 29, 2012 Star_s4,319 views

I am at level 27 I want to add more animals but the market doesn't have a trough for sale - when will I be able to get another one (I have 45 animals currently)

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12-em-plus add reply

i on level 47 and only 4 troughs would love some more when will i get them


@ JIm and @ Charlotte.........If you look at the post, the question was asked back in November....


Martha... How many troughs do you have? The limit is 5. I am at level 56 and I only have 4, and can but 1 from the market for $45 farm bucks.


I have all the available land parcels and i am at level 33...I still cannot buy more animals or water troughs...they are not available when I go to the market.....Samantha's answer is incorrect.


I am at Level 32. I put animals into my inventory and have been selling the "cheaper" animals. I do this in order to keep up with the quests and the things I need to do to level up as well as gain rewards. I just paid not 150,000.00 for an additional well, but 300,000.00! which is DOUBLE! You would think with hard work and dedication to earn high levels, more benefits would follow. I am out of expansions, keep working to level up, have coins to make major purchases, but in order to get another trough to keep up with perks, I must purchase FARM BUCKS????


Then you will likely have to wait until you buy another parcel of land, or level up. You could also store your prized animals for a bit until you are able to get another water trough or shady trough.

You could also read the post on these forums about getting more water wells - it works for shady troughs and water troughs too :)

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