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Light-bulbHoliday Decorations - The Holiday Glade Building and Missions

by Tonya Collins - Nov 29, 2012 Star_s4,142 views


Christmas is right around the corner and the Homestead needs decorating! We will need to team up to create the most attractive decorations around! We will be completing 4 missions and a three step building, the Holiday Glade. The set up will be similar to the prize animals. We will have 3 types of standard decorations and one premium decoration to choose from.

Once placed you can team up with a neighbor to tend them , or do it alone. Each decoration will need 34 Festive Fare to complete. Fare is crafted with 3 Holiday Treats which drop from the new ornament crop and jumbo candy canes, and 2 jolly decor which is requested. Once grown each type of decoration can take on one of four varieties and can be stored in the show pen.

-Must be Level 20 +
- New free gift crop - Ornaments
- New Collection - Holiday Decoration Collection
-Partner up to light up a holiday tree, ginger bread house or a reindeer
-Items are storable in the Show Pen



Ornaments and Jumbo Candy Canes (needed throughout the missions, drop Holiday Treats to craft decorations)
25 Gumdrops (Mission 1)
Soybeans (Building Stage 1, drop Soy Flour)
Sugar Cane (Building Stage 1, drop Bakers Sugar)
Ginger (Building Stage 1, drop Fresh Ginger)
25 Mountain Blueberries (Free gift, Mission 2)
Sieve Stations (Free gift, Building Stage 2 and 3, drop Fine Sand)
Ornaments (Free gift, Mission 3, drop Perfect Ornaments)
Oats (Free gift, Building Stage 3, drop Winter Oats)
Adult Cows (Building stage 3, drop Thin Leather)
Fig Trees (Mission 4, drop Figgy Pudding)
Non Sapling Pines (Building Stage 2, drop Pine seeds)


Stage One
10 Soy Flour - Soybeans
15 Bakers Sugar - Sugar Cane
8 Royal Icing - Wall Requested
10 Cookie Cutter - Direct Requested
8 Merry Mitts - Direct Requested
5 Gingerbread Men - Crafted
Crafting: Each Man needs 2 Fresh Ginger (Ginger) and 3 Gingerbread Mix (Direct Requested)

Stage Two
20 Pine Seeds - Non-Sapling Pines
8 Ornament Hooks - Wall Requested
12 Red Ornaments - Wall Requested
12 Blue Ornaments - Direct Requested
14 Silver Ornaments - Direct Requested
7 Holiday Lights - Crafted
Crafting: Each Light requires 9 Fine Sand (Sieve Stations), 12 Light Casings (Direct Requested) and 7 Light Strings (Wall Requested).

Stage Three
25 Winter Oats - Oat Crops
15 Gold Buckles - Wall Requested
12 Silver Ornaments - Direct Requested
15 Holiday Blankets - Direct Requested
10 Jingle Reins - Crafted
9 Holiday Lights - Crafted
Crafting: Each Jingle Rein requires 4 Thin Leather (Cows) and 3 Jingly Bells (Wall Request). Each Light requires 9 Fine Sand (Sieve Stations), 12 Light Casings (Direct Requested) and 7 Light Strings (Wall Requested)


I. It Takes a Village
Place Holiday Glade
Harvest 25 Gumdrops
Add Festive Fare to a Starter Tree four times
Rewards: Giant Red Candy Cane, Holiday Tree Quilt Patch, Flashing Tree
Notes: Gumdrops are in the market.

II. Heaven Scent
Harvest 25 Mountain Blueberries
Add Festive Fare to A Gingerbread House 15 times
Upgrade the Holiday Glade
Rewards: 2 Gingerbread Huts, Gingerbread Quilt Patch, Gingerbread Man
Notes: Mountain Blueberries are a free gift

III. Reindeer Float
Collect 20 Perfect Ornaments
Add Festive Fare to a Holiday Reindeer 24 times
Upgrade the Holiday Glade
Rewards: Mystery Reindeer, Reindeer Quilt Patch, Reindeer Prince
Notes: Ornaments drop from the Ornaments free gift crop

IV. Get Decked Out
Collect 35 Figgy Puddings
Finish the Holiday Glade
Get Two Lit Decorations
Rewards: 5 Giant Blue Candy Canes, 2 Candy Cane Quilt Patches, Festive Polar Bear
Notes: Figgy Puddings drop from Fig Trees. Decorations become lit when they score over 100 Spirit.



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