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Question-whitehow do you sell your prized animals?

by Cindy Smith - Nov 30, 2012 Star_s2,778 views

I have seen post that you can store them to add new ones and post that you can sell them. Can either of these be done and if so how do you do it?

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12-em-plus add reply

@ Cindy - Bianca is right, you have to place them on your farm to be able to sell them - just be careful selling them so you don't sell your laying chickens.
Also you get 500 coins for your prized chickens - or at least I did - did not matter if they were white or red or the silver laced ones.

If you store them and decide not to sell them - remember when you place them back out onto your farm, they will start their timers over at 18 hours before you can "tend" them again.


Hi Cindy, both of the posts are true. I, for one, have many Prized White Chicken. What I do is I store some of it in my inventory so that my farm is free from prized chicken. I sold some of my prized chickens also and got 460 coins( i guess) each.

Storing prized animals:
Click Tools and then click move to inventory. You will find your animals in the inventory.

Selling prized animals:
Before selling, if your animal is still in the inventory, you must place it in your farm to be able to sell it. Click Tools then Sell.

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