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Light-bulbCheat, glitch, bug... Call it what you want, but you get Unlimited Block Buster Boosters!

by Mainewil Peetra - Nov 30, 2012 Star_s12,107 views

Well, I indeed would like to call it a FEATURE, anyone can use as many Boosters you can afford right now. After the game update yesterday you  can use unlimited amounts of Block Buster Boosters in Pet rescue Saga, if you just are able to yank the Coins from somewhere, that is indeed. Please read my earlier post here at GU! for coin tricks and tips for Pet Rescue Saga

I have a demonstration Pet Rescue Saga "cheat" video played at Level 57 (the new one with free rockets) if you want to see it in action. :) 

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12-em-plus add reply

They fixed it in the update yesterdday. :(


You can buy the Block Buster Boosters with the Coins, the other boosters needs facebook Credits. 


Mine still isn't working. I have a ton of coins, but when I try to buy boosters, it still says I need to pay for them with facebook credits.

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