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Light-bulbFarmville Winter Holiday Exploration Quest (name change)---- Dec 6-Dec20--- All Farms

by Teresa Donald - Nov 30, 2012 Star_s3,053 views
Update:  Name of quest changed from Farmville Roam for the Holidays to Farmville Winter Holiday Exploration Quest

Note: This quest may be carried out on all farms and should be repeatable according to the current game codes. Some images will be visible when the quest is released.
Quest 1: Sunny Side Down Under
Get 6 Gum Leaf Wreath
Harvest 50 Pumpkin (8 hrs)
Harvest Monster Lab 2X
Rewards: 125 XP, Holiday Wallaby, 2500 Coins
Monster Lab may be harvested once every 12 hours
Quest 2: Charge Through The Holidays
Get 7 Treat Presents
Harvest 75 Peppers (1 day)
Harvest Holiday Wallaby 2X
Rewards: 150 XP, 3 Pack of Turbo Chargers, 3000 Coins
Harvest the Wallaby in Zoo......will need to master to 1 star (5 harvests) for Quest 4
Quest 3: A Bright Delight
Get 8 Light Wires
Harvest 100 Eggplant (2 days)
Craft Arborist 1X
Rewards: 175 XP, Lightwire Tree, 3500 Coins
Arborist:  3 Peanut Bushels, 4 Morning Glory Bushels, 2 Orange Baskets
Quest 4: Ring Around And Cozy
Get 9 String Light Bulbs
Harvest 125 Rye (20 Hrs Crop)
Master Holiday Wallaby to 1-Star (5 harvests)
Rewards: 200 XP, Town Skating Ring, 4000 Coins
Quest 5: Moooving Gifts
Get 9 Holly Baskets
Harvest 150 Cabbage (2 days)
Craft Fertilize All 1X
Rewards: 225 XP, Spotted Holiday Cow, 4500 Coins
Fertilize All:  2 Manure Bags, 4 Carrot Bushels, 3 Chickpea Bushels 
Quest 6: Warming The Holidays
Get 9 Thaw Lamps
Harvest 150 Cotton (12 hrs)
Harvest Spotted Holiday Cow 2X
Rewards: 250 XP, Melting Snow Tree, 5000 Coins
Harvest the cow in Dairy Barn/Pasture
Quest 7: Exotic Draconics
Get 10 Dragon Holly
Harvest 150 Peanuts (16 hrs)
Harvest Dragon's Lair 2X
Rewards: 275 XP, Festive Dragon, 5500 Coins
Dragon's Lair may be harvested once every 12 hours
Quest 8: Keeping Cozy
Get 11 Hot Cocoa Kits
Harvest 150 Pineapples (2 days)
Harvest Festive Dragon 2X
Rewards: 300 XP, 1 Mystery Dart, 6000 Coins
Harvest the Festive Dragon in Dragon's Lair
Quest 9: Roam For The Holidays
Get 12 Holiday Saddle Bags
Harvest 200 Daffodils (2 days)
Craft Farmhand 1X
Rewards: 325 XP, Holiday Parade Horse, 6500 Coins
Farmhand:  4 Cotton Bushels, 3 Soybean Bushels, 1 Cherry Basket
Requirements may change without prior notice. Will update as needed :)
ty to The Digger  

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12-em-plus add reply

thank you so much for thanking the digger team...if u ever need any help / assistance please don't hesitate to message us on our page....We love all Farmville Friends!


Thank you very much Teresa. It's allways a great help to know about the quests in advance.

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