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Question-whiteprobably a stupid question, but.......

by Theresa Padavona - Dec 01, 2012 Star_s23,933 views

how do you know which way the striped candy is going to explode?? I am stuck on level 70 and those stupid chocolates keep filling up the right screen, when i finally get a striped candy in the left screen and i explode it,, it usually always explodes up and down, not left and right which i need..........

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12-em-plus add reply

I have to disagree with Stormy....if you match 4 get a vertical stripped candy and if you match 4 Vertically you get a horizontally stripped candy


... Also, to make a vertical striped candy... Make your match of four vertically... To make horizontal striped candy, make match of four horizontally... :)


durrrr! Thank you!!! Now if I can only pass 74!


durrrr! Thank you!!!


If there are horizontal stripes on the candy, it will explode from left to right. If the stripes are vertical, it will explode from top to bottom.

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