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Light-bulbDELAYED---Welcome Back to Lighthouse Cove! Quest..................Unknown to Jan 7, 2013

by Teresa Donald - Dec 01, 2012 Star_s3,432 views

Sorry I haven't been able to get back to this sooner...obviously this Quest has been postponed.  For how long is unknown or whether it will be changed or cancelled.  We will have to wait it out :/


QUEST 1:  Welcome back

Harvest 170 Chandler Blueberries (8 hrs)
Harvest 170 Darrow Blackberries (4 hrs)
Make Blackberry Ice Creams 6X

***Darrow Blackberry Bushel  18, Chandler Blueberry  12, Strawberry  18

Reward:  Marmot 


QUEST 2:  Fly Like an Egret

Harvest 210 Red Clover (1 day)
Harvest 210 Hay (1 day)
Make Cheddar Cheese 6X

***Red Clover  12,  Hay  6,  Rhubarb  12

Reward:  Egret


QUEST 3: The Cornfield

Harvest 245 Butter & Sugar Corn (12 hrs)
Harvest 245 Tarragon (10 hrs)
Make Creamed Corn 6X

***Butter & Sugar Corn  18, Tarragon  18, Peppers  6

Reward:  Coastal Gazebo


QUEST 4: Hot Potato

Harvest 290 Kennebec Potatoes (1 day)
Harvest 290 Dill (12 hrs)
Make Dill Potato Skins 8X

***Tomato  24, Kennebec Potato  16,  Dill  24

Reward:  Oak Tree


QUEST 5:  Jonnycakes!

Harvest 290 Butter & Sugar Corn (12 hrs)
Harvest 290 Daylily (16 hrs)
Make Jonnycakes 10X

***Butter & Sugar Corn  20,  Rye  20, Daylily  20

Reward:  Mystery Game Dart


QUEST 6: What a Deal!

Harvest 500 Peppermint (1 day)
Harvest 680 Cove Cranberries (1 day)
Make Cranberry-Pineapple Relish 12X

***Cove Cranberry  24,  Pineapple  12, Peppermint  36

Reward:  Coastal Hideaway


QUEST 7: Blackberry Belt

Harvest 340 Chandler Blueberries (8 hrs)
Harvest 340 Darrow Blackberries (4 hrs)
Reach Level 25 Blackberry Ice Cream

Reward:   Grey Goose


QUEST 8: Deserved Break

Harvest 760 Daylily (16 hrs)
Harvest 500 Hops (10 hrs)
Make New England Lager 12X

***Hops  36, Daylily  36, Pumpkin  36

Reward:  Book of XP


QUEST 9: Corn Crisis

Harvest 380 Butter & Sugar Corn (12 hrs)
Harvest 380 Tarragon (10 hrs)
Reach Level 30 Creamed Corn

Reward:  Beach Game Stand


QUEST 10:  Wild Blueberry Hill

Harvest 475 Chandler Blueberries (8 hrs)
Harvest 475 Cove Cranberries (1 day)
Make Wild Blueberry Pies 12X

***Chandler Blueberry  24, Wheat  36, Rhubarb  24

Reward:  Antique Shop


QUEST 11:  By Another Name

Harvest 945 Red Clover (1 day)
Make Rollieberry Pies 9X 
Make Cove Coolers 9X

***Rollieberry Pie--Chandler Blueberry  27, Cove Cranberry  27, Wheat  36

***Cove Coolers--Cove Cranberry  27, Red Clover  27, Watermelon  18

Reward:  Galiceno Horse


QUEST 12:  Say Cheese

Harvest 945 Hay (1 day) 
Make 18 Cheddar Cheese 18X

***Red Clover  36,  Hay  18,  Rhubarb  36

Reach Level 35 Cheddar Cheese

Reward:  Stone Villa

Note: Almost all the tasks will need to be carried out on the Lighthouse Cove farm, even though the quest icon will be available across all farms…

And, as always, requirements can change at any time without notice as and how Zynga updates them

ty dirtfarmer

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12-em-plus add reply

i already have almost all the items - 99% anyway - so think maybe not on this one
i dont have the gray goose - too much work for all that and i dont have the stone villa - but does it matter we havent got room for nice buildings anymore as we are always building sumat else - and expansions are all cash these days - so really not bothered bout it


i found that the resturant that originally came with the lighthouse cove should have the ice cream recipe available. but you can only access from the lc farm itself. so unless you have sold it, or have a less than 5 star building all the reqired recipes are available.


you have to pay 80.00 farmville cash for the building to make icecream.. no thanks ... guess im not doing the quest..


could not care any less. most of the rewards are absolutely pitiful. Items that most should already have


hmmm no signs of this or is it just me?

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