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Light-bulbWhoops - a - daisy (a totally useless topic)

by Robyn Barcomb - Dec 01, 2012 Star_s1,904 views

Just rebooted and had this message at the top of the screen:

"Hey Farmers! FarmVille 2 is currently experiencing techincal difficulties that may result in a "Whoops-a-Daisy" error message for some players. We are in the process of addressing this issue and we hope to have it resolved in the near future. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and we would like to thank you for your patience during this time. "

Yeah... thanks Zynga for the newsflash. Only one problem... this seems to be the norm. How is this news? And while we are on the subject... can someone define "near future"? At least in my experience, it has been doing this sporatically since it's inception (3 months ago, give or take). If three months is still not "near future"... just how long are we supposed to stay patient? And Zynga wonders why people are leaving in droves.

I know this post is rather pointless and useless. I just thought it (the breaking newsflash alert) too humorous not to share.

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12-em-plus add reply

so what we want to do my farm not working!!!


. . . The ''report'' button doesnt work


I originally posted this 2 months ago. I wonder what "the near future" is in zynganese? LOL

Go with the borg idea... just be assimilated and go with the flow. I, for one, am sick of fighting it. If it does not boot, I just go do something else and do not play. I hit the "report" button before closing the window. I really wonder if that button actually does anything that the accept botton does not. Doubt it. :/


I'm having the same problem for few months till now. Sometime restart the whole day also can't open. :(


zynga support e-mail address is unoperational. Who should we address with these woops-a-daisy messages?


it happens when u feed the last sheep to complete the quest for the christmas tree!


having same thing cant fishes the missions


I have had this problem today.


I have had this problem a lot lately. At least 3 times today.


hmmm... sounds like there is a problem with your internet connection. I haven't had this problem at all.

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