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Question-whiteSeeing only 2-3 hr OLD posts/links on Chefville Link Exchange

by Ginny Cooke - Dec 02, 2012 Star_s99 views

For the last two days the only links/posts I'm seeing on the Chefville Link Exchange page are 2-3 hours old. When you click on them, you get the "no rewards left" response. However, when I post my Chefville links, then refresh screen, I can see folks have already started clicking on my posts--which I love, of course, but don't know why I don't see any posts from others posted less than 2-3 hours ago. Haven't seen a post that was posted "mere moments ago" or even minutes ago--nothing more recent than 2-3 hours.

Is there something I can do to see more current links/posts on the exchange? I'm using Firefox browser for Windows 8.

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