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Light-bulbprized animals come in handy

by Angela M Norris Ghali - Dec 04, 2012 Star_s417 views

i dont see why people want to sell prized animals there is more than enough room to cage them and so you need more water big deal as you prgress further mony is easy to come by, i only used real money once at the beginning but im doing more than fine adding animals, and so such... the prized animals help level up which is the whole point of the game... say you have 500 - 900 xp tillevel up i always plant the most important plants (since when you level they grow automatically) and then use my animals last so i can complete the remaining points.... everyone has there own style when they play games, this is one of my ways grow what makes the most expensive foods, and dont sweat over the nonsense stuff unless need too for mission.... hope this helps someone...

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