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Question-whiteGhost rider problem

by Farid Ismayilov - Dec 04, 2012 Star_s1,385 views

Guys, can anyone tell me how to kill ghost rider? It is impossible everytime it regenerate to 10 hp and I can't kill him. Plz share with me your idea and information

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12-em-plus add reply

He is so cheap...
I had him regenerate 10 times before I eventually killed him once...
I tend to leave him til last with poison effects and hope he just dies from poison or spam him with attacks until he dies once he's the only one left.
If you have multiple counter effects then each one can kill him as they are separate attacks, I'm not sure about scrapper follow up but normal follow up attacks like anklebiter count as separate attacks so each attack can kill him.
However all poison effects come off all at once so he could have poison, burn, darkvoid, horfrost and 5xbleeding and it'd only count as one attack...
A real pain...


ya. I just whale on him with attack after attack. use free action attack weapons on your agent for extra chances to kill him


it's 50% of chance that he regenerate to 1%.You are just happen to be unlucky,or you are attacking too few times.

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