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Light-bulbHelp ME ! Please

by Broadus Alicia - Dec 05, 2012 Star_s127 views

I am New to the hame 2 days or so and I have no clue what Im doing and I have no neighbors to visit Any Ideas on how i ca improve my present situation?

thank you

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12-em-plus add reply

Neighbors are good to get as the aforementioned ppl added. You have 2 choices there, go to zynga forums from the link @ bottom of CV2 and find the 'add me' forum.
Secondly, click the 'add me' @ the top of this page. Your main objective from the start in CV2 is to follow the quests, build houses and and business. The houses will give you your population and the business will give you your coins etc.
Hints are given when the game is loading which are important clues on how to get the best out of what you build.
When you get neighbors, visit daily to get bonus items needed for building and crafting. If some of your facebook friends are playing CV2 you can find them by either the 'Invite' link, or by clicking the trophy in the game. The trophy has direct links to send requests for ppl in your fb.
When you go to the zynga forums, there is one forum there that has 'tips' for players. Some of the are quite informative for starting out. glnhf :)


Begin by adding neighbours, then building houses and sending requests for items needed...feel free to add me too :)


You can add me as a neighbor if you'd like!

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