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Light-bulbHoliday Village - The Merryville Grinch

by Tonya Collins - Dec 06, 2012 Star_s4,371 views


A thief has taken all the Holiday gifts from Merryville! Restore the Holiday, earn a Giant Snow Globe and get daily presents until the end of December!

We will see a series of 8 daily missions and 2 wrapper missions..... Yes these are repeatable (sorry ). The good news is there is no builidng!

-Gated at level 20
-New Crop - Holly - 12 hour harvest (free gift)
-New Collection - Holiday Bow
-8 repeatable quests with 2 wrappers
-New Sweepstakes – Ends Jan 1st

*wrapped presents are in the market and require 10 tape each. 

Wrapper 1: Global Heartwarming
Collect 80 Snow Globes
Complete Mission II "Granny's Famous Pies" Three Times
Complete Mission III "Yuletide Story" Three Times
Rewards: 3 Frontier Fritters, 40 Snow Globes, 5'000XP
Notes: Globes are mission rewards. You can restart the missions from the Merryville area on the right of the homestead.

Wrapper 2: Golden Globe Gatherer
Gather 225 Snow Globes
Complete Mission VI "Little Deputies" Four Times
Complete Mission VII "Holiday Horse Riding" Four Times
Rewards: 1 Giant Snow Globe, 1 Mistletoe Tree, 10 Lucky Horseshoes

I. Kid Krafts
Chop Oak Trees 20 times
Collect 10 Carving Tools
Tend 25 Adult Standard Chickens
Rewards: 2 Snow Globes, 300 Coins, 500XP
Notes: Tools are Wall Requested.

II. Granny's Famous Pies x3
Gather Two Recycled Ribbons
Gather 30 Lemon Fillings
Collect 15 Baking Plates
Rewards: 5 Snow Globes, 700XP, Random Reward
Notes: Recycled Ribbons drop from opening Wrapped Presents. Fillings drop from Lemon Trees. Plates are Direct Requested.

III. Yuletide Story x 3
Gather 5 Recycled Ribbons
Gather 20 Holiday Poems
Craft 5 Story Puppets
Rewards: 9 Snow Globes, 1 Cowboy Cow, 1 Holly Crop
Notes: Ribbons drop from opening Wrapped Presents. Poems drop from Sugar Plums. Puppets are crafted.
Each Puppet requires 6 Corn Silk (Corn) and 4 Unpaired Socks (Wall Request)

IV. Doc The Halls
Gather 25 Holiday Wreaths
Gather 25 Holly Decorations
Craft 4 Holiday Lamps
Rewards: 9 Snow Globes, 1'000XP, Random Reward
Notes: Wreaths drop from 5 or 8 chop pines. Decorations drop from Holly Crops. Lamps are crafted.
Each Lamp requires 6 Glass Bulbs (Wall Request), 6 Red Colour (Beets) and 8 Twisted Elements (Direct Request).

**Reward for first 4 missions = 3 Mistletoe trees.

V. Getting Chili Out
Gather 30 Mystery Peppers
Gather 7 Recycled Ribbons
Collect 25 Secret Formulas
Rewards:10 Snow Globes, 1 Holly Crop, 1'000XP
Notes: Mystery Peppers drop from Chili Peppers. Recycled Ribbons drop from opening Wrapped Presents. Secret Formulas are Wall Requested.

VI.Little Deputies x4
Gather 20 Gift Decoration
Gather 25 Lil Holsters
Craft Five Deputy Badges
Rewards: 8 Snow Globes, 900XP, Random Reward
Notes: Decorations drop from Mistletoe Trees. Holsters drop from Adult Standard Cows. Badges are crafted.
Each Badge requires 6 Shiny Stars (Steel Forges) and 7 Engraving Tools (Direct Request)

VII. Holiday Horse Riding x 4
Gather nine Recycled Ribbons
Gather 30 Mini Spurs
Collect 25 Pony Saddles
Rewards: 13 Snow Globes, 1'200XP, Random Reward
Notes: Recycled Ribbons drop from opening Wrapped Presents. Spurs drop from Standard Adult Horses. Saddles are Direct Requested.

VIII. Jack's Special Reserved
Gather 12 Recycled Ribbon
Craft 6 Special Ciders
Collect 30 Holiday Cups
Rewards: 24 Snow Globes, Rawhide Gloves, 1'500XP
Notes: Recycled Ribbons drop from opened Wrapped Presents. Ciders are crafted. Cups are Direct Requested.
Each Cider requires 8 Perfect Apples (Apple Trees), 10 Fruit Mallets (Direct Request) and 8 Cider Cloths (Wall Request)








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12-em-plus add reply

Try clicking on your cabin. 


I need helllllllllllllp... I just did the 2nd wrapper but I'm missing 5 globes and can't get the game to reopen the merrryville missions page part so i can select one more mission to do so I can get those last 5 globes.... can anyone help?


I don't know about impossible, but Its sure not easy! I've been using all my clicks to grab tape off the feed and posting every 2 hours when possilble and still feel like I'm not going to get there. Maybe by next year, lol


Is it mathematically possible to unwrap 2+5+7+9+12=35 Unwrapped Gifts, or 67 if required repeats of Missions II, III, VI and VII are counted, by the cutoff date for the Sweepstakes?

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