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Light-bulbGame Feeds FAQ (updated 6/5/2014)

by Amy Wong - Dec 06, 2012 Star_s192,966 views

1-Click Bonus feature has been disabled to comply with Facebook's policy. If you use Chrome, you can try Kuroko that automate repetitive tasks.

What is Game Feeds and what does it do?

Finding your game feeds on your Facebook page is so damn hard! You have so many things going on there, like your friend's new status updates, photos and other stuff shared by your friends. With Game Feeds, you can filter to view feeds of the game you play!

How come all or some feeds are not showing up?

Several reasons to this:

  1. You game feeds are hidden on your Facebook news feed.

    Because your Facebook feed is full of status updates, photos, shared videos, some people might decide to hide game feeds from your Facebook news feed. However, doing this will disallow us from getting your game feeds! To unhide, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Log into Facebook.
    2. From your home page, hover your mouse to the left of the left side News Feed menu.
    3. Select Edit
    4. A list of people, apps, Pages, and groups you’ve hidden or unsubscribed from will appear in a pop-up box. Click the X next to each one you'd like to remove from this list. Removing someone or something from your list of hidden stories means those stories can appear in your News Feed again.
    5. Click Save.
  2. It's not us, it's Facebook

    1. When Facebook is having issues, their API may not return the information needed in order to display feeds for one or more of the games you have programmed into the app.
    2. It is not uncommon for Facebook to corrupt the Games Feed App and/or to break the connection between the app and Facebook's servers. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Game Feeds App to your Facebook Profile will often times fix this problem.

Does it click on the bonuses too?

Unfortunately, we had to remove this feature to comply with Facebook's policy. However, there's a Chrome extension "Kuroko" that works well with Game Feeds, and can be downdoaded from the Chrome Store.

I'm not getting the bonuses!

Several reasons to this:

  1. The tool is just a feed aggregator, it's not magic!

    The tool simply just filters the game links so you are not guaranteed to get the bonuses, just like the way you click on the bonuses manually. Sometimes you are too late, or sometimes you exceeded the collection limit of the day. Our tool has no control to that.

  2. Clicking on links too fast!

    Clicking on links too fast may prevent your game from registering that you have clicked a reward post. Make sure each bonuses are fully collected before you click on new links.

  3. Some games need another click to get the bonuses

    The tool cannot perform secondary actions a game or item might require users to perform in order to get the reward. For example, some reward posts require a second click be made from within the page that opens. Other rewards may require that you pick between 1 of 3 available choices. Such rewards will not be collected for you unless you manually perform the required action.

No feeds are showing up! It's blank!

If you use Internet Explorer, having your Internet Security as "protected mode" will prohibit our script from loading. Please set this to "off" and your feed should show up. You can also try Resetting your IE setting to default from the "Advance" tag.

There could be other cases on IE that might prohibit our code from loading. Please try other browsers such as Firefox or Chrome if you encounter a problem with IE.

How often does the app refresh so I can see new bonuses?

It automatically refreshes every minute. However, while the 1-Click bonus is in action, the auto-refresh is temporarily paused to avoid confusion between clicked links and new links. After the 1-Click bonus is done with it's job, the auto-refresh resumes.

Can you automatically like or comment on the links the I clicked on?

No, Facebook disallows these actions.

I wish I can choose to see feeds from specific friends or lists.

We know some people like to do this but that would add too much complexity to the app. Sorry!

Can you not show bonuses that are really old like 3-4 days ago?

We really don't know how old the feeds are as we are merely fetching by numbers. If you have many feeds everyday, it'll most likely show more recent feeds but if you only have couple a day, you are more likely to see feeds from a while ago.

My browser freezes/gets heavy when I use this app

When you click on bonuses manually, try to close each pop-up window each time so you don't have many windows opened. Also, if you leave the app open for a long time (for example, couple of hours straight), it might get heavy due to the ads we serve. Try to close the app and reopen when your browser gets heavy.

How do I delete the Game Feeds app?

If you haven't already, visit our Game Feeds Bug Reporting thread to report a problem wtih the Game Feeds app. We can't fix a problem if we don't know about it. However, if you really want to delete the Game Feeds app: go to your Facebook Profile's Applications page (or click here), locate the Game Feeds listing, and click the "x" to the right of that listing.

I have a suggestion!

Cool, please let us know by leaving a reply on this thread! :)

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@Umm Naz - Please visit the thread linked below and post your Game Feeds issue there. Before you post, however, please make sure to read the entire original post. Especially my highlighted, stickied post at the top of the comments section. If you do not include all the information requested, we will be unable to help you:


i canot get into my click fun games, it only goes as far as collect and nothing happens, the games do not open,. please help!!! thanks


@Candi Nasby Loftus - Please visit the thread linked below and post your Game Feeds issue there. Before you post, however, please make sure to read the entire original post. Especially my highlighted, stickied post at the top of the comments section. If you do not include all the information requested, we will be unable to help you:


worked fine until 2 days ago. when I clicked "more posts" at end of list, could go back about 24 hours. now it goes back 40 minutes and stops with no further option for "more posts". un- and re-installed a couple of times. did you change it or is it me?


As soon as I asked I went back and found the edit button and used that to add games. Thanks.


@Brad Avery

Everyone is being converted to the new Game Feeds layout and there is no way to go back.

Also, I just tested my GF apps and had no problem with removing any of the reward posts (I have the new layout). I did this both while the 1-Click Bonus tool was running and when it was stopped.

I recommend you follow all the steps below in the order listed. If that doesn't fix the problem, then I will need a lot more information to try and help. This includes the operating system you are using, the browser and browser version you are using, what games you are attempting to collect for, and a screenshot of the issue.

App, Flash, and Browser Cleaning – Game Feeds

  1. Delete the Game Feeds App from your Facebook Profile (
  2. Log out of Facebook
  3. Clear Flash Player cache ( - "Delete All Sites")
  4. Clear your browser's cache
  5. Close & reopen your browser
  6. Make sure your Flash Player is updated (
  7. Make sure your Shockwave Player is updated (
  8. Log back into Facebook
  9. Reinstall the Game Feeds App
  10. Add the games you play back to the App (if necessary)

Is there some way I can delete a cookie or something, to put me back to old version of game feeds? I was having an issue a while ago, and deleted game feeds and reinstalled. Ever since then, I have the new version with inline ads placed after the 4th link and every so often there after. While collecting, once you click the X to delete the one with the ad appended, the whole list goes blank till you click stop/restart. This happens for every feed in the list that has an ad attached. My wife is on the old version still, and no problems. I've tried removing and reinstalling, but still get this version with the inline ads.


@Elsa, I just double checked my own Game Feeds, and clicking "do not collect..." should only hide that particular post. Can you please double check this is happening to you consistently?


when i accidentally clicked the button telling do not collect with 1-click bonuses..why is it all her post disappeared?..this is in chef ville particularly to susan stewart..will i regain her post?


@Tina MyVegas Cromwell - I'm not sure I understand your complaint. Are you saying that you have too many game posts? I normally keep my News Feed set on "Top Stories." While it doesn't keep reward posts from displaying, the first few posts are usually true updates from neighbors. Outside of that, your only other option would be to keep only a few game neighbors on your News Feed and put the rest back in a list. But it means you won't be able to see their posts with our app or collect them automatically.


I think I got it all working now ...BUT omg I have so much stuff on my news feed from myvegas stuff im missing my friends posts ...any happy medium ?? love getting the bonuses but its coming at a price hundreds of things showing up on my news feed ?? any input ?


@Megan Roane - It depends on how you have things structured. If you have blocked your friends from showing up in the News Feed, then the Game Feeds app won't see them and, thusly, it won't display them. If your friends still show up in your News Feed, then there is no problem. As for the 1-Click Bonus tool, the only limit to collecting is however many items are displayed. I just tested mine in Firefox and it kept going and going and going. Didn't stop.


I have the news feed, and then i have a list of friends under a separate folder - does this program pick up those folks also??? i am assuming they show up under the news feed, but i would like clarification. Also, why do we have to keep hitting collect and then it stops at 5, 10, 12, and won't continue collecting???


@Tina MyVegas Cromwell - That's up to you. If you want the Game Feeds app to be able to pull your feeds, then yes. When Facebook converts your News Feed to the new format, that should help somewhat.


so I will have to let all thee peoples stuff show on my news feed? yikes it will dominate my whole feed? Alan Attebery


@Tina Cromwell - Correct. The Game Feeds app can only read what is on your News Feed. It cannot see any created lists.


so if im not getting anything on my feed bonuses could this be because I have people I have added as friends for just games and placed them in a group of "restricted" so they don't see my wall etc would this be stoping me from being able to get all the bonuses?


@Anav Atis

While our Admins would be happy to discuss any concerns any game developer has, they would have to be the ones to contact us. There are too many game developers out there for us to spend our time trying to start a dialogue with them, especially since most aren't interested in starting a dialogue anyway.

Despite what most game makers claim, the Game Feeds app in and of itself does NOT violate any game's TOS because the app is simply reading what is off a person's News Feed, which makes it a Facebook issue. And we have had dialogue with Facebook and they are fine with what we are doing.

That said, the built-in 1-Click Bonus is more of a gray area. While most games do have something in their TOS about using a bot to click on their links, we, and many others, view the links as a Facebook issue. And, again, Facebook is fine with it. Neither Playdom nor any other game developer can tell who is using the 1-Click Bonus tool and who isn't.



@Olivia Weiss - To add a game to your Game Feeds app, simply click the "Edit" button in the left column of the app. If the app doesn't bring up the game you are playing, then use the search box to find the game (correct spelling of the game is required).


how can i add a new game


@Alan Attebery

I have send a question to the Support Service of Playdom (I'm specifically interested in Marvel: Avengers Alliance) asking them about your app. They said they do not trust ANY third party app.

Then I send them a second ticket saying this:
Any chance for us to see an official list of third party applications which would be trusted by Playdom in the future? Consider this as a suggestion. Since this specific app (Game Feeds) does not read the game code, I can't see why shouldn't be excluded regarding violations of your TOS.

I'm asking you the same:
Any chance for you, as the responsible person of this app, to activelly try persuading Playdom that your app is not a cheat and not a threat either for player's accounts or Playdom's sales?

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