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Light-bulbTimed Quest: Overcommitted Marie (8 missions)

by Alan Attebery - Dec 07, 2012 Star_s4,756 views


It's Christmas time in FarmVille 2, only the political correctness goons at Zynga won't call it Christmas (yes, that ticks me off). Help Marie gets things ready in the new Overcommitted Marie quest.

There are 8 missions in this quest and IT IS A TIMED one. The expected end date is Wednesday, December 19.

See below for requirements and rewards for the Overcommitted Marie quest.


Overcommitted Marie: 1 of 8 - A Friend in Need
A Friend in Need

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins


Overcommitted Marie: 2 of 8 - A Snowflake Commitment
A Snowflake Commitment

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins


Overcommitted Marie: 3 of 8 - Pranks & Propitiation
Pranks & Propitiation

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins


Overcommitted Marie: 4 of 8 - Holiday Show & Tell
Holiday Show & Tell

NOTE: For information about the Holiday Tree, please see the Holiday Tree quest thread.

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins


Overcommitted Marie: 5 of 8 - Stuffings for Stockings
Stuffings for Stockings

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins


Overcommitted Marie: 6 of 8 - A Town in Need
A Town in Need

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins


Overcommitted Marie: 7 of 8 - Village Grocer's Roasters
Village Grocer's Roasters

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins


Overcommitted Marie: 8 of 8 - Who's Naughty or Nice?
Who's Naughty or Nice?

NOTE 1: The Holiday Lamp Post asked for in this mission comes from completing the First Week of Winter quest, which is part of the Holiday Tree series of quests.

NOTE 2: Some people have reported not getting credit for the Holiday Lamp Post task even though they have already placed the lamp on their farm. If that happens to you, simply place the Lamp in your Inventory, restart the game, then pull the lamp out of Inventory. This should give you the proper credit.

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins & 1 Green Nutcracker

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12-em-plus add reply

the lamp post: you don't need to put it in inventory...just use the move tool, pick it up, and place it back down again and it will give you the credit for it in the quest.


So sick of crafting eggnogs. Made 5 (asking for cloves 25 times) and now have another 3 eggnogs left...


@Laurianne Sorenson-Mathews - The Cloves in your Inventory are directly tied to the Kitchen. If your Kitchen isn't properly showing what you have in your Inventory, then you need to contact Zynga Support.


why can't i get the cloves out of my inventory for the eggnog? please tell me, i have several items i could make if i could retrieve spices i have in inventory.


a green nutcracker is what I got for completing it


TOO many eggnogs to craft...cannot get the first set done.because of the amount of clove needed per eggnog...not going to get any done unless I spend money. GIVE US A CROP TO HARVEST to make the clove for the eggnog, PLEASE


Thanks Gerda. I will try that.


About the Lamppost, Marqueta: Put it in your inventory and then put it back on your farm, I had the same problem and it worked for me


8/8: Craft 3 eggnog, Place Lamp Post, Help 15 neighbors. My problem is I already received and placed the Lamp Post so what do I do now to complete this last mission? Thanks in advance for any help.


craft 3 eggnog

place lamp post

help 15 neighbours



Find 5 chesnut Roasters to lend a holiday feel to the shop.

Complete a task for the Village Grocer.

Help Marie tackle 10 neighbor request.

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