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Question-whiteBest way to store animals?

by Marie Smith - Dec 07, 2012 Star_s125 views

I would like to clean up some of my animals, been playing for years and have tons of them. I am thinking about selling all of my cows except 1 each that i have mastered and placing the newer versions once mastered into the big barns. will they still make calfs in the barns like they do in the pens? Would like to do this with all horses etc.... Has anyone else done this, do you regret selling off the extras?

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12-em-plus add reply

If you want to store a lot of things, go to the design mode. It opens a temporary storage on the left and on the right there are 4 options. Click on whatever you want to store and now you can move it. Instead of moving and dropping it in temporary storage, click on store. You may have to click a couple of times. Your cursor will now change into a box. Now just click on the thing you want to store and it would be stored in Temporary Storage. It shows how much space you have left. You don't have to click on things and then choose store.


i cleaned out my animals a few weeks ago ! what i did was i only kept 3 of each animal! first i placed all my animals in storage! when put in storage it puts the all the saame animals together ! then if u have more than u want to keep u can sell them off
then all u have to do is place them where u want them


I have the same problum, I have so many animals and I don't have them together, they are all over the farm if I can't get them in a barn or something, I just place them where I can, now I know you can sell them, but I'm affraid ill get rid of something I need later on down the road, thats how my luck runs, LOL

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