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Light-bulbHow to know your zynga Id

by Alejandro Retana - Dec 08, 2012 Star_s1,114 views

In Empires and Allies,each player is given a unique number,which is his/her game Id (Zynga Id),you can know yours by examining one of your Empires and Allies posts posted in your timeline:

1.Right below your E&A post (one of those where you're asking for parts) there is a link that says: Give one/Get one

2.Right click on it and copy the URL (address link)

3.Paste the link on your timeline (Crtl+V),to make it easier to read

4.The number between frHost= and &frId is your Zynga Id:

How is this useful? Well,people using the eaabot already knows that if you want to send parts or powerups to another account you need its Zynga Id and facebook Id.The facebook Id is easier to find,just click on your profile picture,your facebook Id is the last big number at the end of the link that appears on the address bar

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12-em-plus add reply

someone help how do i use eaabot to sending parts.....

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