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Light-bulbPrized Animal Changes

by Samantha Miller - Dec 11, 2012 Star_s1,204 views

Changes have come to FV2 - I have not found any official information yet .. however this is what I know:

Prized Chickens give you Brown Eggs

Prized Cows give you Swiss Cheese

Prized Goats give you Goat Cheese

Prized Horses give you Fine Saddles

As soon as you place out your prized animal from inventory, you can feed them.

Also - it is still an 18 hour countdown .. however, there are new recipes to go along with the new items!

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12-em-plus add reply

You answered your own question MarySue .. lol have a prized sheep.
At the time I made this post I hadn't seen a prized sheep and they had not made the changes in the market to show what does what after it is prized.


what about the prized sheep how do i get fine wool please help


@Jessica Slicker-Wissner - why can't you finish quest? They are still prized... they just give a different reward. Have you tried?

I admit I do miss the XP payout. But then again... as you cannot level up past 40 yet, and I have made it almost to 20 in just 2 weeks or so (and I do not cheat, have only a dozen neighbors, and work for a living with no computer), leveling up quickly is not really needed. Although leveling up and having no quests is annoying... perhaps they could do just a few more? I DO like that it is not like Castleville... where I had 40 quests at a time and could not get everything done and dreaded timed quests... but having just 2 or 3 and then any holiday add-ons would be nice.

I think it would have been really cool to have an either-or box pop up when you moused over or clicked on a prized animal. You could either go to a show OR gotten goods. This would be very realistic and let people pick their strategy. Different people play in different ways, some are all about just having a pretty farm, others are all about the quests, others are about leveling up or maxing out the bank. This would have been pretty interesting to see who chose what.


I wasn't able to finish the mission where I had to tend to 3 prized chickens, and now with the changes I won't be able to. I hate changes that affect missions and keep them from being able to complete them.


Aargh, I was so close to leveling up, only needed to take all my prized animal to the show. And now the show is cancelled - permanently :)

This is a stupid change. Lots of player who didn't understand how you could use the prized animals complained about them, maybe that's why zynga changed it? Only zynga being zynga, they made it worse! Now we all hate it.


Prized Wild Turkey = (2)White Turkey Feather & 28XP
Prized Polished Silver Laced Chicken = (2)Brown Eggs & 60XP


i hate this change, i prefer the 75xp from prized red goats, help me level up faster


It is true! My goats now have a new symbol in their little thought bubbles! When I click on them, it uses 4 feed (just like an unprized goat)... but gives me the new cheese!


u r awsome for sharing!


Thank you so much for this. Just had the heads up 10mins ago

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