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by Melissa Vaught - Dec 11, 2012 Star_s5,928 views

How am I supposed to get this? I click on the Get It button and it takes me to the rabbits but those all show they produce wool -

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@ Heide Cooper... well of course if you don't like the game you don't have to play it. It is pretty basic at first. Gradually there's more stuff you can do, but it's still basically just planting crops, feeding animals, and crafting recipes... over and over. The fun comes from the neat graphics, advancement, and strategy... but strategy isn't very complicated and you'll advance eventually even without much strategy at all. You also do have to stick with it at times when the advancement and new stuff is taking awhile. It's not the most exciting game but it's designed to not be too exciting.


@Heide You get this golden fleece, by adding prized sheep to a sheep shack. When you feed your sheep shack you get a few golden fleece


So how do I get this fleece, when I click on "get it" I go to the market to buy a cash sheep. I don't think I like the game enough to buy a 45 FC sheep. Does it ever get less boring? How does a new player get coins to do anything except plant blueberries and tomatos?


I do believe at the time the grocer orders were being established - rabbits and sheep both gave wool. The coding might not be worked out well enough for the game to know now there is a difference.

It is ALWAYS a good idea, when you run across something like that - to let support know. This way they can fix it for everyone.

Glad you figured it out!! :)


Yeah I think I figured that out - I bought another rabbit but they are only producing wool - don't have any sheep and the order is now expiring - wish they would tell you this when they give you the direction - the get it button takes you to rabbits so that is misleading. I'm beginning to hate this game -


They have to be prized sheep to get the fine fleece.
Prized rabbits give fine wool.


thanks! I have both of those but am not getting this - will keep trying - thanks again!


Prized animals now give new kinds of consumables. For Fine Fleece, you get it from Prized Sheep and Prized Rabbits.

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