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Question-whiteGrocer Tasks - what is worse case senario?

by Robyn Barcomb - Dec 11, 2012 Star_s1,096 views

Due to the new prized animal ingredients, some people are saying it is impossible to complete a task in the 24 hr time limit.

I have not run into this, YET, but did recently have a task that asked me to part with 68 eggs. I was unpleased, but did it. I would much rather have crafted them into petite fours and gotten a lot more xp and coins for them.

So my question is: What happens if you do NOT complete a task? Does it just give you a new one 24 hours later? If the tasks are not a "timed quest" for the prizes, so we can pick and choose what we really want to do... it might make sense NOT to fulfill a task.

Has anyone NOT done a task? What happened?

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12-em-plus add reply

worst case scenario is that you will get another task after 24 hours-yes it's seems like a zynga trick, you'll get more xp crafting items the grocer sometimes asks for than selling it to the grocer-yes, i missed one task also and i got an easier task the following day, i didn't notice the grocer's points though if it was less-i was asked to sell 8 fluffy batter,1 of each consisted of 4 batter [of 1 flour (4wheat)+ 3 eggs=total of 16 wheat +12 eggs plus 9 brown eggs, super annoying! total requirement for the grocer's task is 128 wheat + 96 eggs +72 brown eggs! and you could've made strawberry angel food cake which cells for 4020 coins, all for a measly 35 grocer's points and 20 xp! attention guys at zynga!


21 Tomato Paste. ANNOYING


If you don't complete a task you get less grocer's points the next day. So you get the prices a lot later if you regularly miss them.
Also you get easier tasks (though that might just be if you miss multiple orders in a row).
I missed like five days in a row and ended up with very easy tasks that only gave me 15 grocer's points.


That is a good question .. I hadn't thought about it, I was asked to sell 98 eggs, and had already sold down to 200 to buy my last expansion - so I was leary, but did it for fear of what would happen! LOL!!
You can look on the zynga forums and see if anyone else has asked there and see if they got a reasonable response from Lexie ... or someone else working for Zynga.

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