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Light-bulbMistletoe Lane Chapter 7

by Melissa Pugh Gaddis - Dec 12, 2012 Star_s1,822 views

Mistletoe Lane Chapter 7 Quest Guide

Starts: 17th December, 2012 Expires: 24th December, 2012

Quest 1: Firing Up For The Holidays

Get 6 Tractor Lights

Harvest 100 Potatornament (12 Hrs Crop)

Make Holiday Cookies 3 Times - Evidently there is a coding error here and making this recipe 1 time will work, proceed at your own risk though

Rewards: 150 XP, Holiday Flame Duck , 3000 Coins

Tip: Craft 3 Holiday Cookies in Patisserie using 3 Winter Grain, 6 Cider Apple, & 6 Sugar Cane Bushels

Quest 2: With Noses So Bright

Get 8 Noses So Bright

Harvest 125 Winter Grain (1 Day Crop)

Make Hollowberry Pie 3 Times

Rewards: 200 XP, Nosey Gnome , 3500 Coins

Tip: Craft 3 Hollowberry Pies in Patisserie using 6 Hollowberry, 9 Jingleberry, & 9 Blueberry Bushels

Quest 3: Dashing, Dancing, and Prancing!

Get 8 Dancing Shoes

Harvest 150 Flint Corn (1 Day Crop)

Make Winter Casserole 3 Times

Rewards: 250 XP, Dancing Dingo , 4000 Coins

Tip: Make 3 Winter Casseroles in Patisserie using 6 Flint Corn, 6 Wax Bean, & 3 Bell Pepper Bushels

Quest 4: Break for the Holidays

Get 8 Hot Cocoa Steins

Harvest 150 Choco Mint (16 Hrs Crop)

Make Potato Latke 3 Times

Rewards: 300 XP, Penelope Pig , 4500 Coins

Tip: Make 3 Potato Latkes in Patisserie using 6 Potatornament, 3 Winter Squash, & 3 Sunflower Bushels

Quest 5: All That Glitters

Get 9 Huge Presents

Harvest 175 Cider Apples (16 Hrs Crop)

Master Holiday Flame Duck to 1-Star (5 Harvests)

Rewards: 350 XP, So Bright Tree , 5000 Coins

Tip: Harvest the duck in Duck Pond/Aviary

Quest 6: Love and Cheer for All!

Get 10 Peace and Love

Harvest 200 Rudolf Radish (2 Days Crop)

Make Gingerbread House 1 Time

Rewards: 400 XP, Peace Pegacorn , 5500 Coins

Tip: Craft 1 Gingerbread House in Patisserie using 3 Honey Ginger, 2 Holiday Cactus, & 2 Red Tulips

Thanks to The Digger for the info and images...

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