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Question-whiteLimit on Animals

by Dakota Town - Dec 13, 2012 Star_s327 views

what is the limit on animals? it keeps telling me to level up or buy a new trough. I have expanded and leveled up twice now but don't see a trough available.

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12-em-plus add reply

I have same problem I have 45 anumals ,Is that the limit>


Just store them in inventory until you get enough coins to build a new Trough each trough you build allows an extra 5 animals on the farm. If you don't know how to move them into inventory just click on the paintbrush/hoe button once you click this there is one that has the Red box with a blue arrow click on this and this activates you to move animals with your mouse like click on the animal you want to store and it moves them into "storage" its actually quite funny because it sucks them into the box.


You will know what the limit on animals is if you mouse over your water/shady trough.

If you have expanded and leveled up twice - then there might not be another water trough available to you at this time - my suggestion would be to store your prized animals, or at least some of them, so you can produce as many products at the moment that will net you a bigger income!

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