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Light-bulbStained Glass - The Glass Works

by Tonya Collins - Dec 13, 2012 Star_s2,628 views


A brutal Storm has smashed windows all over the frontier! Build a Glass Works to create stained glass windows and earn great rewards!

-Gated at level 24
-New Crop - Glass Roses - 4 hour harvest (free gift)
-New Collection - Stained Glass
-New Glass Forge - on free gift page
-New Glass cow & sheep (storable in animal hospital)


I. All That Glitters
Place the Glassworks
Craft any two Blue, Orange or Red panes
Add a Stained Glass Pane to the window
Rewards: Blue Pattern Patches unlocked, Glass Sheep, Blue Glass Pattern Panes

II. Feeling Glassy
Temper a Stained Glass Window
Craft any 12 Blue Pattern Panes
Upgrade the Glassworks
Rewards: Flying Patterns unlocked, Hummingbird, Flying Glass Panes

** Wrapper: Let The Light In
Complete the Stained Glass Collection
Use eight Mystery Glass Pieces
Have 15 Stained Glass Windows
Rewards:15'000XP, 2 Stained Glass Mystery Crates, Stained Glass Wind Chimes

III. No Pane, No Gain
Temper two more Stained Glass Windows
Craft any 22 Dragonfly, Butterfly or Hummingbird Panes
Upgrade the Glass Works
Rewards: Holiday Quilting Patches, 1'000XP, Holiday Glass Pieces

IV. A Touch of Glass
Harvest 40 Gumdrops
Temper four more Stained glass windows
Upgrade and complete the Glassworks
Rewards: Mystery Pattern unlocked, Glass Cow, Mystery Glass Piece


The completed Glass Works and Greenhouse make over!  


Stage One
10 Pine Frames - Pine Trees
10 Yellow Glass - Oats
6 Scoring Pencils - Wall Post
7 Teal Glass - Wall Post
8 Amber Glass - Direct Request
9 Glass Breakers - Direct Request

Stage Two
15 Purple Glass - Passion Flowers
12 Zinc Frames - Silver Forges
15 Mahogany Frames - Wall Post
10 Glass Polish - Wall Post
8 Hanging Wire - Direct Request
7 Carbide Cutters - Crafted
Crafting: Each Cutter requires 3 Cobb Handles (Corn) and 5 Carbide Razors (Direct Request)

Stage Three
20 Pine Frames - Pine Trees
15 Yellow Glass - Oats
10 Silver Glass - Wall Post
15 Burgandy Glass - Direct Request
10 Frosted Glass - Direct Request
8 Glazing Toolkits - Crafted
Crafting: Each Toolkit requires 4 Brush Bristles (Pigs), 6 Oak Handles (Wall Post) and 8 Glazing Pots (Direct Request)

Stage Four
30 Purple Glass - Passion Flowers
20 Zinc Frames - Silver Forges
15 Iron Frames - Wall Post
20 Running Pliers - Direct Request
8 Breaking Pliers - Crafted
10 Buffing Stations - Crafted
Crafting: Each Pliers needs 3 Steel Rivets (Steel Forges) and 2 Plier Parts (Wall Post)
Each Station requires 6 Wool Cloths (Sheep), 12 Stone Wheels (Direct Requests) and 8 Iron Stands (Wall Post)


Collection: Specific Panes of glass, when used, can drop the different collection items,

Chipped Red Glass: Red Panes.
Chipped Blue Glass: Blue Panes.
Blue Square Panes. Blue Circle Panes. Blue Triangle Panes.
Chipped Green Glass: Orange Panes, Dragonfly Panes, Butterfly Panes, Hummingbird Panes
Chipped Orange Glass: Holiday Tree Panes. Holiday Snowman Panes. Holiday Reindeer Panes.
Chipped Yellow Glass: Mystery Panes.



Glass Panels Crafting Guide:

Red Pane
Unlocked: From Start
Crafted with 2 Red Colouring (Red Roses) and 2 Perfect Glass (Wall Post)
Possible rewards: Red mystery animals, Rose Boosts, Red Quilting Patches, Red Crops.

Orange Pane
Unlocked: From Start
Crafted with 2 Orange Colouring (Rye) and 2 Perfect Glass (Wall Post)
Possible rewards: Green Mystery Animals, Green Lightning, Green Crops, Green Patches.

Blue Pane
Unlocked: From Start
Crafted with 2 Blue Colouring (Frontier Flowers) and 2 Perfect Glass (Wall Post)
Possible Rewards: Blue Mystery Animals, Blue Patches, Blue Crops

Blue Pattern Panes
Unlocked: By completing Mission One

Square Pattern Panes require 3 Blue Square Patterns (Glass Sheep) and 3 Perfect Glass (Wall Post)

Circle Pattern Panels require 3 Blue Circle Patterns (Glass Forges) and 3 Perfect Glass (Wall Post)

Triangle Pattern Panes require 3 Blue Triangle Patterns (Snow Crystals) and 3 Perfect Glass (Wall Post)

Possible Rewards: Blue Mystery Animals, Glass Forges, Blue Collection Item pieces.

Flying Panes
Unlocked: On completion of Mission Two

 Dragonfly Panes require 3 Dragonfly Patterns (Spring Flowers, Dandelions) and 4 Perfect Glass (Wall Post)
Possible Rewards: Green Collection Items, Glass Panes

Butterfly Panes require 3 Butterfly Patterns (Golden Roses, Glass Roses) and 4 Perfect Glass (Wall Post)
Possible Rewards: Butterflies, Quilting Patches, Boosts, Green Collection items.

Hummingbird Panes require 3 Hummingbird Patterns (Hummingbirds, Marigolds) and 4 Perfect Glass (Wall Post)
Possible Rewards: Hummingbirds, Boosts, Green Collection Pieces

Mystery Panes
Unlocked: Completing Mission Four

 Mystery Panes requires 7 Rainbow Colouring (Glass Cows) and 6 Perfect Glass (Wall Post)
Possible Rewards: Mystery Crates, Yellow Collection Items

Holiday Panes
Given as a mission reward from Mission Three and found in Dragonfly Rewards

Holiday Tree Pane
Possible Rewards: Holiday Gifts, Ornament Crops, Tree Decorations, Orange Collection Items 

Snowman Pane
Possible Rewards: Snowman decorations, Quilting Patches, Candycanes, Orange Collection items.

Reindeer Pane

Possible Rewards: Winter Mystery Animals, Holly Crops, Orange Collection items

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