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Light-bulbSorry you have accepted too many gifts ????

by Theresa Alvarado - Dec 14, 2012 Star_s3,195 views

If I am using the snag bar to catch items from my feeds why do I always get this "sorry neighbor you have accepted too many gifts recently". How many gifts are we allowed each day? I cant get itemsI need =)

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12-em-plus add reply

I've had more than one conversation with Zynga Support about this, and it's clear that they have no idea how their system is suppose to work.

When the game was first released, supposedly we were suppose to be able to collect between 10 and 30 items in each category (the number depended on the category), and then once you reached your limit, you were suppose to be timed-out for an hour (in that category only).

In reality, however, people are getting timed-out of all categories once they collect anywhere between 20 and 50 items in the game. And once you are in time-out, it's lasting between 6 and 12 hours (sometimes longer).

They "say" they are working on the problem, but it's been doing this for months. I've given up holding my breath for a fix.


I have yet to find a specific amount - however on here in a different thread someone posted you are supposed to be able to collect 30 items in each catagory - and the time limit only be a few hours (If I remember correctly). However once I hit 30 total, I am done for a few hours.

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