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Question-whiteScrapper Power Armor

by Joseph Perry - Dec 15, 2012 Star_s5,894 views

How do I unlock the Scrapper Power Armor research. I am passed lvl. 70 and I have research all of the Scrapper 1 - 5. What else do I have to do to unlock it?

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12-em-plus add reply

the game is tricked.
there is no way to win any pvp tournament.
random buffs never trigger,on my end,while the opponents get it at the 1st scratch.
so,i'd be foolish to expect the power armours to be unlocked on my end.
level 230,and i get my ass kicked for the glitches (probably put on on purpose) by adversaries 20 or 30 levels below me.and i'm geared up real high.
not to mention that pvp awards weapons are never available afterwards..
a cash trick,nothing more


i just looked this up too because i want the scrapper power armor but the blueprint was one of the rewards of PVP season 2. hopefully it will be one of the rewards again soon.


i won the tournament i mean i got vibranium league but why is it that only the tactician power armor can be researched? i want to hav the scrapper power armor :/ and i am already level 80


The Power Armor Uniforms can be unlocked only if you win them in the PVP tournaments and have level 60+

The Power Armor Uniforms are equal with Commander Trenches Uniforms that can be unlocked at level 65+ and cost only gold.


I know that, but is that only way to get it. After I researched all of the Scrapper armor, the power armor should be available to research. But it is still locked and it does not say what it takes to unlock it.


Win the Torunement that give you the research

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