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Question-whitezynga deleting our farms?

by Amy Spekter Hudson - Dec 16, 2012 Star_s587 views

someone posted on my feed that zynga is going to delet farms of players using the snag bar,, is that true?

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12-em-plus add reply

The time that zynga deletes farms, is when they shut down farmville :D
Just believe the others (here) they're too much after our money
Better yet, they KNOW i'm using the snagbar, i've notified them a few times about some bugs in the game, and mentioned i was using the snagbar, they came back with that the snagbar was not adding to them bugs, and that it was no problem to continue using it ;)


Doubt it..They like $$ too much..If they do, well, I don't have to see to 8 bloody farms now do I? :):):)


If zynga were to delete our farms,they would owe me hundreds of dollars I put into farmville.Don`t believe everything you hear............


Yes! Better stop instantly and listen to your good friends who only want the best for you :->. ( Seriously, let's stop spreading these hoaxes over and over again....)


someone trying to scare players again


No, no, and no.

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