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Question-whiteNo Zynga feed?

by Robyn Pelli - Dec 16, 2012 Star_s776 views

I am playing on and no longer have an activity feed to the right of my game. Chat is still there, but no activity. Is this a known glitch I should just wait out? I'm about to hit level 20 and figure I'll need to be using it soon for quests.

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Kelli - make sure your settings are correct and showing to friends or public .. lots of peoples defaulted to "Only Me" so their friends weren't able to help.


Kelli, If you what to post your requests to your wall, you have to do it from your browser not through But all other requests such as asking your Z friends for parts works in I found out the hard way yesterday. Good Luck.

Picture?type=square please click the "fix me" button. they put more effort towards the higher voted issues.


Zynga said it would be back as soon as the glitch is fixed. My problem is I keep asking for sleigh bells and it won't post to my fb like my other requests do so I still haven't gotten them. Without reindeer I won't be able to finish my quests. Very frustrating.


mine hasnt worked too.


Zynga knows and are worming on it? Mine hasnt worked all day either...


Nevermind, they know about it.

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