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Question-whitewhat lvl to beat xorn

by Brandon Willard - Dec 17, 2012 Star_s1,275 views

I am playing a warrior and am lvl 10 I cannot seem to beat the xorn on My own what level do I need to be to beat this boss on My own??

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I think I was level nine when I beat him. The trick is that he has to stand still to deliver his attack. I used a freeze spell, and then a rage before he could move, which usually cut about 300 hit points from him. Then ran across the cave. I would keep running from corner to corner if I couldn't attack yet. The animation "plants its feet" before it attacks, once it plants it won't move until the attack is finished. Let it get close enough to hit, then move when it's feet plant and hit it from outside its range and run again. This works well on most single


Huor Felagund - don't the mobs respawn after you leave and go home?? my squad always disappears before then so I've had to battle him on my own and am level 9 Wizzy and got him down to 46 before he chased me down :DD grr. I've found just don't let him punch you and you can hit him as you run around :D


Here's the trick, use friends to clear the cave first... use friends with a high attack rating without looting any chests or crates... try to clear all the way to the door before Xorn, then, click home... try to save as much life as you can. Hire mercenary and go straight through the cave all the way to Xorn... Hit him then get out of his way, try to let one of your party members take all his attacks, and just kill him :) Have fun folks!


I did it the same way Dan did when I was level 10 - hire friends and get through the caves as quick as you can by avoiding as many of the "baddies" as possible. I stunned him then moved away leaving my hired friends (I found wizards the best because they freeze him to the spot) to do most of the damage then finished him off - hope this helps


I agree on the amount of damage as well... how did you get through the caves early enough to use them against xorn~???? - everytime I have tried their time has run out????


i had the same prob.. how i finally did it was by hiring friends and running to him attracting the least amount of enemies to save time then when i got to it i used stun attacks only to keep away why my friends wo re it down....took several tries even with that plan.. it does unrealistic amount of damage..

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