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Question-whiteHow to earn money more faster in Farmville 2..?

by Eruel Jasper Lim - Dec 18, 2012 Star_s25,063 views

Eaning money here in FV2 is pain for me.Im lvl 27 now and i need to expand my next land worth 750k.and the next land worth can i earn that in short period of time..

I used to create 2-3 step crafted goods..but i think its not enough..!

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@Robyn Barcomb - You dont need chrome to this bug..IE is better no disabling etc...try it..


Bummer... no bugs for me. I do not have Google chrome... and can not get it. I really need to find a good puter tech. My good computer is down and I am playing on a 2000 hp Walmart special with only 30G (82% full) that until I recently stuck a little 1G chip in it... only had 256 RAM. It took me over an hour just to bring up, check, and reply to my e-mail. LOL

On the other hand... only been playing since November and at level 22. Did it all the hard way. No cheats or bugs. Only 2 wells. Only 3 troughs (including shady). And I work a full time job with no computer access. That is not too shabby IMO.

MY big complaint is same one I had with Castleville (well... one of them)... they keep giving us crap we need (shady trough, henhouse, workshop, feast table, fireworks cart, etc)... but very small land mass. Just where do they expect us to put it? I only have 58 crop plots (71 allowed) and animals always leaving fenced areas from overcrowding... even with most prized in storage. Still... I am pretty maxed, even with almost all decorations in storage. Kind of annoying. And I have all available land for my level. :[


@April Henke Epley - HAHA...i have 11 manor i dont like to sell them....! i used to sell exotic chickens they worth 60.000...!

@Robyn Barcomb - try to go here....its really a great bug..


OK... I find Marie borderline annoying... so the idea of selling her house amuses me. How does one do that?LOL


if you are in need of coins to purchase more land, when i would get into maries farm, instead of taking her stuff for your inventory...sell her house! its 50,000 coins! i am on level 21 but now have all my land opened up! (i used IE and it worked like a charm!)


@Kaci Galliher Masters - thanks for the help.


I make a TON of money from having a bunch of trees with high coin product (nutmeg, lime, etc) and keep them fertilized, along with always having the max amount of animals to make crafts and/or sell their product. I've bought the 750k land, the million coin land and am about to purchase the mansion and have ever spent real money on the game or used any hacks. Hope this helps!


read my post of harvesting neighbour farm and by doing that u can sell there animals too which will give 2 m (maximum limit od coin of zynga even in 1 hour)


I have found that it is not just how many steps... but the ingredients in crafted items that makes a difference. My personal favorite at level 21 is potato rolls. They only take wheat (flour) and potatoes. No having to spend money on new animals for milk or eggs or such. Have also been overloading on rutabagas while snow was active (double crop harvest) and growing onions while I sleep to make broth and then the bisque. It is working well. When I am growing the potatoes (now that snow is gone)... I will have extra water (it regenerates faster than the potatoes grow) and will be making enough broth to swim in. I plant half of my 60 spaces with potatoes... the other half with wheat.

A lot of people are tempted to plant 24 hr high point crops when they level up for the instant grow. I don't. I do not need more of them, so use the instant grow bonus to quickly get those potatoes. Same for farmhands.

Oh... and FERTILIZE! Double crops means double ingredients for crafting!


I am a stay at home mom and can't see spending my "real" money on "fake" items, but I found a way to make money online. since it's found money I don't feel bad about spending it in farmville2. Check it out! They give you $5 just to sign up!!


below is how to get wells for cheap even when ur not supposed to. get a shady trough. 10 more animals and get the cheapest that provide what u need most of. and keep rotating new stock and I sell off the old keeping only a few prized for the new items they give, I think we get jipped when a 5 egg bird only gives 1 once it becomes prized the same as a 1 egg bird to start with

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