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Light-bulbToys for Tots Timed mission

by Barbara D'Angelo - Dec 18, 2012 Star_s211 views

This is a timed mission that you will have 14 days to complete. It will also release the Toys for Tots Mystery crate that has 6 different animals in it, this mystery crate will sell for 100HS with proceedes going to Toys for Tots.  

When opening you have a chance to get one of the 6 new animals in the crate:

  • Santa Kitten 16% Chance
  • Santa Bunny 16% Chance
  • Elf Kitten 16% Chance
  • Elf Bunny 16% Chance
  • Antler Kitten 16% Chance
  • Antler Bunny 20% Chance

Mission requirements:

Go to the Toys for Tots Website

Fix 2 broken stuffed puppies
Harvest 10 Candy Flowers

Reward, 250 XP, Bountiful Cornucopia Tree, Toy Chest

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