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Light-bulbcoins using cheat engine 6.1 in zombie lane

by Sonam Wangyel - Dec 18, 2012 Star_s5,249 views

1. open cheat engine 6.1

2. find a working process right for you

3. tick hex

4. value type: array of bytes

5. copy and paste 0F2ACBF20F58C1660FD64758

6.untick writable

7.click first scan

8. right click on the adress then click dissemble this memory region

9.look for comment 1 then double click and change the 1 value to a ( only the value of 1)

10.look for jng then double click it and change the value to nop ( whole value to nop)

11. when confirmation shows up click yes

12. go back to game see the coins jumping

have fun

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