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Question-whiteVillage Grocer Order

by Lois Tolley - Dec 19, 2012 Star_s2,223 views

Will Zynga be lenghtening the time to complete this quest? I was unable to use the Activity bar for 5 days and even now it disappears.

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12-em-plus add reply

The final bonus is a small fountain, same colour as the bench. They should have added a better prize IMO.


What is the final bonus in the village grocer order series? I failed to notice what I got. Just now I got a mosaic bench again!! Is the same circle getting repeated?


they did in fact lengthen the time by adding the new prized critter crafts in with his list. Example I have had on 5 occasions now either 5 or 6 crates of eggs being on that list. Not only is this impossible to do in a day unless of course you have 25-30 prized chickens, its by far the most common thing hes wanting from me since they was introduced. Sure adult chickens are quick on the eggs, but prized are once every 18 hours. Im just waiting for them to add the other two prized crafts to that list. That is if its not already on it. Im now out around 800 grocer points simply due to this.


The Village Grocer Orders are daily tasks. You have 24 hours to complete them once they appear. There is nothing to extend.

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