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1 Level 729 194 people
2 Level 36 159 people
3 Level 470 152 people
4 Level 206 137 people
5 Level 42 134 people

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Light-bulbhow do i access blockbusters, how do i spend

by Elizabeth Harper - Dec 20, 2012 Star_s3,673 views

how do i spend coins what do i press

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All the other Boosters except for the block Buster Booster is to be purchased with Facebook Credits. http://bubble-witch-saga.se/pet-rescue-saga/pet-rescue-saga-boosters/ Mesh Master Booster


I am having the same problem... the only booster I can buy is hammers.... does anyone know why??? and other booster I want to buy is looking to charge my credit card...


I'm finding it bloody impossible to do anything with the coins , it's just a game to make you spend money so wait for lives . Oh and on that subject 5 is simply not enough . Once you've got the 5 all your friends requests are dismissed and not collectable .


You need to buy the hammers before you access any level.

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