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Light-bulbHow do some people send multiple help requests ?

by Amanda Andrews - Dec 20, 2012 Star_s4,094 views

I often get multiple help requests from some neighbours. I was just wondering if anybody knows how it is done? I have 5 pages of missions and always trying to play catch up but for every step forward i find myself two steps back again Any info would be grately appreciated, thanks

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12-em-plus add reply

I think they are basically telling you to just go back to the first page. An easier way is to just hold down the ctrl button on your keyboard while clicking on the links and it will open each one in a new tab. However you need to be warned that spamming like this will cause you to lose neighbors. Due to the limit of the message box and the problems that have been occurring with receiving gifts, a lot of players will get upset and refuse to respond to more than one request and many will also remove you. .... If you have a friend that is willing to help maybe you should get permission from them first.


i would like to try this that MrWa Lee Quinn said
with a couple of neighbours i know would go along with it
BUT... i can't use the "back arrow" cause when i click request it opens in a new tab....

that was the part i didn't understand in the explanation "you can open between 10-20 tabs before freeze"
if u open a tab as i said above it doesn't have anything to go back to with the back arrow...

or am i missing something here?? what exactly is meant by the "back arrow"


Thank you so much MrWa Lee Quinn . Hopefully now i will be able to finish some of my old missions quicker and also help some of my neighbours :)) You Rock :))


go to . click one of the missions you want to finish most and open it. it will show all items you need for the mission. it will NOT tell you how many you need. click one item and then choose 50 (give or take) people. DO NOT SEND. use the back arrow button. open another item and choose the SAME people. DO NOT SEND. continue this process until you have sent everything you can. you can open between 10-20 different tabs before the computer will freeze or shock wave gets "lost". then open each tab and send them 1 at a time. IF you still have more people go to another mission and repeat this process until you empty your neighbors list. Keep in mind some people do NOT like you to do this and you may lose neighbors. Don't do it everyday or most will get mad and really lose neighbors.


Thanks Tonya. I'm not to sure what you mean by direct links :( I have loaded the game in different tabs but i keep getting the message that i have more than 1 tab open or that i'm using different browsers ? Is there a video anywhere as to how it's done. Any help would be most grateful, thanks :)


Not sure but if you mean the posts in the news feeds. If so, you just open up 2 browsers and click on the PT tabs at the same time so they load together. and yes some think it is cheating, but they too can benefit.


They use the direct links and open each one in a new tab. Before sending them they go to each tab and select the neighbors name , and then go back and send each one. I have to warn you that some players feel this is cheating , and some will get upset if you do this without asking them if its ok first. The in game message center will only hold 50 requests at a time.


I have wondered this myself.

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