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Light-bulbHow to level up faster (easy way)

by Pedro Dias - Dec 22, 2012 Star_s2,664 views

That's simple! You just have to spread this information to your neighbors: Please, go to my farm and click on my prized animals everyday!

You may seperate a group of them from the others, like I did, in order to facilitate the work . I have 5 prized polish silver laced chickens separeted from the others and I wrote with buckets 'PLZ' on the ground.

IF one friend help me with this 5 chickens I get 750xp (150*5=750). So, if you can convince 20 friends to help you, you get 15000xp everyday. Try doing the same in the farm of your neighbors!

I hope it was helpfull! Any doubt, just ask

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12-em-plus add reply

If you haven't yet prized silver laced polish chickens, you can do the same with other animals
for instance, swiss cow. (you also get 150xp).

Good tip!

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