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Light-bulbLevel 147 Help

by Leslie Dailey - Dec 23, 2012 Star_s52,942 views

I am stuck on level 147!! I need help and cant seem to get through this one!

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I have been on this level for over 3 months and play every day for hours!!!! Have tried EVERY move I can think of and have not even come close to clearing the board!!!!! I know some people have finished this level but I am thinking this may be the end of my Candy Crush addiction!! Too Frustrating!!!!!


I came to this forum yesterday looking for answers. Now I have passed it I will say how. First I watched some YouTube videos showing it is possible to complete. On this level the striped candy is you friend. You should especially try and combine it with a colour bomb or wrapped candy. Or try activate a horizontal stripe in the bottom row. You will need to make 2 or 3 such moves to complete the level along with carefully chosen general moves. I made the mistake of concentrating too much on the areas I needed to clear. Sometimes something on the other side might set up a killer move. Also the obvious move might clear one jelly but prevent further moves whereas another move could offer more successive moves. It still might take quite a few turns to win but you won't beat this level without special combinations and maximising every move.


It seems that you just have to keep playing it over and over and over until the game drops a combination with the potential of clearing... Looks like many of the combinations do not provide games that are actually "winnable." It's great for getting you hooked on the game... but this level will probably see many folks quitting the game all together.


Level 147 appears to be utterly impossible!!! Did u eventually get past it??? It's the one level I have come across where I don't even feel I can get close to doing it!

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