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Question-whiteStuck on level 132

by Linda Rollo - Dec 23, 2012 Star_s59,147 views

I am so frustrated with level 132, I manage to get one colour bomb collected by swapping it with a wrapped candy but the few times I have managed to get a second bomb and swapped it with a candy it doesn't go toward the collection so doesn't clear the level ! Is there a certain kind of wrapped candy that has to be matched with the bomb ? I don't understand why the second match doesn't seem to count ? Anyone with tips or ideas please pass them my way & help me out : (

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12-em-plus add reply

Check out my video, let me know if you still need help.


I had to check out a few vids to make sure i am not talking bull here, but it should be fine, any color goes for the striped or wrapped. 


Make 1 color bomb and 1 striped candy. MIX THEM and half the order is fixed. The other half is to make 1 color bomb and 1 wrapped candy, then MIX THEM and you have the order ready and dusted. :) 



Hi, I dont understand what you are saying Rita...I get one cleared and I get another mulit and stripe but it never gives me credit for the second one. Please explain again...


Hi, I hope that you passed this level, if not please note what I have discovered: you have to clear first a wrapped candy, second a striped candy. Or reverse :) I hope that I could help.

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