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Question-whiteMarvel keeps crashing

by Matthew Logan - Dec 23, 2012 Star_s1,596 views

has anyone els been having this problem the game keeps crashing, its been 2 days now??

and the times it dose work and i get a misson going it crashes then my energy is wasted.

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12-em-plus add reply

You have to login on the Playdom site to address concerns. I've never been satisfied w/ how they solved problems either.


yeah i finally saved enough for hulk and deadpool, it gave me deadpool but no hulk, and it says my command points were used, a llittle pissed


mine is too, pissed me off bad because i recruited luke cage and deadpool. It errored out after i recruited Deadpool and still took my 112 command points but no DeadP. I was beyond heated!!!! Is there a freakin email or customer service i can contact to get my freakin player or CP back?????


Same here. I got adamantium last 2 seasons and maintained almost 2k rating (no p5 Emma F or Modern Thor) but this season I can't break 1250 because 1/3 matches resort in a refresh error then when I do play It's a up hill climb Vs. P5 Emma teams 90% of time. With the new patch, her cosmic power is now the equivalent of super heroic and it procs practically every turn. PVP is useless for me atm.


no really my energy still counts that i used it, when it crashes, now its been day 3


And there once,in a remarkably short time,playdom made one noble act by addressing"You will not lose resources to restart",now it doesn't,and sometimes it even crashes when I am having my roulette.


yes me too and the pvp has problems too when i fight against the human torch always get stuck in flames on a waste of time

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