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Question-whiteA few questions here....

by Constance Ann Alvino - Dec 25, 2012 Star_s71 views

Ok so I have had a lot of issues with my account/farm... I know most do also LOL, but mine started in the beginning with it resetting on me 3 times, and losing everything I had done, earned, made, etc... Anyway I started noticing that I miss out on a lot, or am missing a lot the game has and I have to submit a ticket to get them to give the things, unlock them for me, or etc... for example, I did not have the haunted farm, or winter wonderland farms until I asked them, and they unlocked them for me, which was over a month after I had started playing. There were other things as well that was the same way.

So anyway here are my questions... I am trying to find out if I don't have these things because of this account glitch of mine, OR if I just need to be a higher level, or etc... before they are "unlocked" I don't want to send in a ticket for them, if the case is that I am just not high enough in level, or something.

Gem Tower: I have like over 30 gems built up in my gift box, and there is no tower in the market, I try to use the gems and I get the message that I need to have a gem tower placed first, however it does not give me the tower to place or anything.

Witchin Cauldron: I have a ton of things to use in this as well like the ladles, enchanted iron, and gummy tenticles, but again I try to use it and I get the same message as above, and I can not find it in the market.

Duckula's Castle: Same as above mentioned... I have stuff like goo, haunted bricks, etc... it tells me I need the castle, but it is not in the market.

Romantic Carriage: I have things for this as well, like love, and flower trim but no item in the market or etc...

Magic Snowman: same thing... I have mounts of snow that it says I have to place the magic snowman first, but there is none in the market

So if anyone can help answer these I would be grateful, I am just trying to find out, at what point are you supposed to get them? Or are they supposed to be available to buy or get int he market? I read somewhere that the gem tower is supposed to be bought in the market? I just want to know for sure before I start sending in more tickets to zynga about them. I already have a few tickets in there for things I know are a glitch or missing, like the new quest manager thing, that they released a week ago, I do not have that on my account. Thank you everyone.

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12-em-plus add reply

as far as i know, all of those things are out of date and no longer available.

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