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Question-whiteStuck on level 130

by Natasha Donaghy - Dec 25, 2012 Star_s413,686 views

What makes the brown striped candy. Can't figure it out?? Please help.

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This is how I did Level 130 (no boost)


I overcomplicated level 130 a lot before I finally beat it. I followed these tips: http://readygamer.com/candy-crush-level-130-tips/ and beat the level with 3 stars after a couple tries.

Granted, you need some luck to get two striped candies next to each other. But, if you play with a strategy, you can find yourself maneuvering candies into the right places to increase your odds of making the striped combo.


consistently practicing on how to create specials, then bringing them together to get your combo is important if you want to progress further in the game. Reading on the generic strategies I have written will provide you with a good foundation on what you need to understand to progress all levels in candy crush (up to level 410, when you pass that level, you will know why I didn't suggest up to the current level 440). http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013_06_01_archive.html
All the other videos for all levels are available there together with the tips for each level and generic strategies applicable to all levels.

Getting back to this level, the objective is to create combos, and if your difficulty is in achieving that, I recommend you to train making such combos in level 16. this is what I suggest to all those people I coached before who have difficulties forming combos.


Just avoid any temptation to do anything other than swap two striped candies on this level. Only look for chance to create striped candies. Just litter your playing field with it. You will have opportunity to swap them then.


Hi here a How to DO vid for level 130 with explanation.. Good luck!



but do i start from bottom or do i make groups of four hekppppppppppppppp u doint what im doing ty


It's just "swap two striped candies". Any colors. It stumped me for a second too, but the orders are filled no matter which two colors are combined.

Good luck!

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