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Light-bulblevel 34 doing my head in

by Kathryne Nesbitt - Dec 26, 2012 Star_s66,468 views

How do I clear the fruit on level 34 have tried about 30 times now n can't get passed it

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I was stuck for ages until I realised I had the hammer, which you can't really use in the jelly rounds. I had about five free smashes! I waited until I had all the fruit I needed showing near the bottom of the board, then by a mix of good luck and fluke, I simply smashed three candies standing in the way of the last cherries and nuts. I got a really high score too. You have to bide your time to get the right board for this to work but when it does, you will do a wee dance lol


This was my solution for Candy Crush Saga Level 34. :) 


Here's a good How to DO level 34 with explanation:) Takes up 2 minutes of your time..

(youtube bigscreen) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFKRzr4DMqs



I've just found out how to claim lives sent by others. If you are logging in after a while and already have your five new lives, do not open messages or lives from others. Then when you lose all your lives you can go back into your message box and claim your lives. This way of doing it works better on mobile device like an iPad rather than on Facebook, as I can't find the message in box on Facebook!

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