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Light-bulbGrocers Swiss Cheese Quest/Order.

by Rosemary Brown - Dec 27, 2012 Star_s188 views

Well, I guess I messed up my current Grocers Quest.

Sell 3 Fine Fleece
Sell 44 Radishes
Sell 6 Swiss Cheese Loafs.

Well, I’ve done all the above but, I did the 6 Swiss Cheese Loafs just 1 or 2 days prior to this quest popping up for me. Now, my Prized Long Horned Cattle will only produce enough Swiss Cheese to produce 1 Swiss Cheese Loaf in a 24 hour period to be unable to complete the quest as it takes them 17 hours to be ready to be fed and produce more Swiss Cheese. Dang it.

I believe if Zinga is going to give us quest and we cannot request Swiss Cheese from our neighbors/friends then they must assume that we have no Swiss Cheese on hand and give us enough time to be able to produce enough to complete the task. Like if they said produce 1 Swiss Cheese then that is doable when you have no Swiss Cheese on hand when the quest begins.

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12-em-plus add reply

weird my first comment didnt go thru... basically it said to go to neighbors farms and be sure to attend their prized animals


also i have learned that if u dont need the money right away dont craft or sell ...just collect raw items... because the items they ask for are alot.( for example the 44 radishes).. u can always craft and sell once u know what u need..

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