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Question-whiteHow do I get a wrapped candy?

by Terry McIntyre - Dec 27, 2012 Star_s47,574 views

I'm on level 135 and I need to switch wrapped candies with other wrapped candies in order to complete the level. How do you get the wrapped candies?


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12-em-plus add reply

Im on level 135 also. and may be there the rest of the game... Do we just have to get the 6 wrapped candies or do we also have to get 20 red candies, 90 blue and 30 green? my laptop tells me one thing and my iphone tell me I also have to get those colors mentioned...... this level is sooooo confusing and seems to be harder than some because wrapped candies are hard to get


The suggestion on level 135 make no sense. I've done what you said and still nothing. What exactly do I have to do?


"T" shapes or "L" shapes will get you a wrapped candy. 135 is a BEAR, isn't it?


You need to make a "T" with the candies: 3 in a row up and down, then 3 in a row (including one from the original row) across one side. Doing that makes a wrapped candy. I'm on the board right now to see if there's another way, as level 162 is killing me, LOL!

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