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Light-bulbCastleville Duke’s New Year’s Resolution Quests

by Raccoon Biernat - Dec 27, 2012 Star_s585 views

Castleville Duke’s New Year’s Resolution Quests

Castleville Duke is WAY behind on his New Year’s resolutions. Explore to a new Castleville location for his swanky Bachelor Pad and help him complete his list!

Castleville Duke’s New Year’s Resolution

Quest rewards

2000 Coins40 XP

Castleville Duke’s New Year’s Resolution completed

Quest 2

Castleville Quests tasks

Collect 3 Gold Toilets to have a throne fit for the DukeClick on the Duke’s Bachelor Pad contructionCraft 2 Purity Talismans to start cleaning up the Bachelor Pad

rooting for the New Year

castleville purity talisman free rewards gift links

castleville dukes bachelor pad

Quest rewards

3250 Coins65 XP2 Sparklers

Quest 3

Castleville Quests tasks

Craft 1 Skinny MirrorBox a Practice Dummy 3 timesCraft 1 Dumbbell

castleville skinny mirror

Castle Ville dumbbell

Quest rewards

3250 Coins65 XP3 Banishus Maximus

Quest 4

Castleville Quests tasks

Finish Building the 2nd section of the Bachelor PadConsume 2 Pecan PiesSell 2 Ice Creams

Quest rewards

3250 Coins65 XPParty horse sculpture

Quest 5

Castleville Quests tasks

Have 7 fresh grubs to use as fish baitUse 1 Fishing BaitCraft 5 Purity Talismans

Quest rewards

3250 Coins65 XPGreen Mystery Box

Quest 6

Castleville Quests tasks

Collect 7 Awkward Family PortraitsBuild the final section of the Bachelor PadHave a Party going

Quest rewards

3250 Coins65 XP3 Zodiac Flash

Quest 7

Castleville Quests tasks

Use 8 Purity Talismans in the Swamp RootsCraft 1 World’s Largest CakeFeed Cows 25 times

Quest rewards

4250 Coins85 XPCanoli the horseunicorn’s gift

Completed Castle Ville Bachelor Pad

Castleville quest taken from

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