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Question-whitewhere is walters farm ?

by Kylie Anne Jane Robinson - Dec 28, 2012 Star_s976 views

May be a silly question , but how do i find Walters farm? I have looked everywhere but the right place. This is to complete a mission.

New to this site too !


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12-em-plus add reply

I searched and searched...just look on your neighbors bar at the bottom he is there. just time consuming if u have a load of neighbors! goodluck!!


I dont see him on mine either but if you go to Maries Farm it suddenly finishes the quest so its good!


Walter isn't on my bar anywhere. Just my friends and Marie ( Not me but the one the game starts with ).


I went to Marie's farm because I couldn't find Walter's and the quest was suddenly finished.I wish they would have told me I needed to go to hers.Oh,well...


I have this problem too, it's really annoying.
Please someone let us know if there is a fix?


Walter is listed in your neighbor bar at the bottom of the page. He may be either above you or below you in level depending on what level you are. His avatar is a cartoon black male.

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