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Light-bulbhow to earn additional lives

by Luisa Previati - Dec 28, 2012 Star_s15,367 views

I'm only on level 18, but I need to wait every time 30 mins to get a new life: are there any other methods to earn additional lives?

Thanks for any helps!

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Use time cheat (for iPad only)
1.go to settings.
2.change your current year to 2014.
3.after that, click home button twice and a red button will appear.
4.click red button ( it will not delete the app)
5.go to candy crush and BOOM! Ur lives are full and it will give u additional lives
6.do not play yet, go to settings and change the year to ur current year.
7.go to app and play..
Hope this works.....


Use time cheat (for iPad only)


@Cathy Pang: How do you bring the time forward?? I'm tired of waiting a half hour per life, but refuse to pay for bonus ones... Lol


if u r playing it on mobile, you just need to bring the time forward to refill the lives. once it's refilled, set the time back.
keep repeating that to get it refilled almost instantly


If you're willing, you can purchase a charm. Otherwise, just wait for lives to reload or get lives from friends. It's worked out well for me to just wait, I'm on level 135 now...

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