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Light-bulbHealthy Hank Mission and build guide

by Barbara D'Angelo - Dec 28, 2012 Star_s1,365 views

Healthy Hank

Hank is not getting enough excerise, he is getting soft on the froniter, (probably because everytime he has something to do we have to complete it lol)! So he can get more excerise we are going to build him a climbing wall!

We will be building a climbing wall with a four stage build, along with a series of four missions. There is also a Wrapper mission that seems to have nothing to do with the rest of the missions.

Stage 1

8 Building plans-direct request
7 Weight belts-wall post
10 hand balm-drops from Vanilla Orchards
6 Tough Gloves-direct request
8 Hefty Stones-wall post
10 hearty Protein-drops from Pigs

Stage 2

8 Climbing Belts-direct request
15 Carabiners-wall post
15 hand balm-drops from vanilla orchids
7 climbing shoes-crafted
15 Climbing packs-Wall post
20 Hearty Protien-drops from pigs

Crafting: Each Climbing shoe requires 2 worn Shoelaces, drops from non-rideable horses, and 4 old boots, direct request

Stage 3

12 Plumb Lines-direct request
15 hand axes- wall post
20 Sign Paint-drops from Winterberries
9 Climbing poles-Crafted
15 Smalltooth saws-direct request
25 Lumberjack Straps-drops from cows

Crafting: Each Climbing pole requires 4 Rock Drills, drop from silver forges and 8 Hand cranks, wall post and 8 straight Logs, direct post.

Stage 4

10 Climbing Shoes, crafted
15 printed flyers-wall post
25 Wood ropes-Banyan trees
14 Cash Boxes-crafted
20 open signs, direct requests
30 Granola bars, drops from wheat

Crafting: Each shoe requires 2 worn shoelaces drops, from non-ridable horses and 4 old boots, direct request
Each cash box requires 4 rusty keys,drops from gardner sheep, 6 strong locks, direct request and 10 metal boxes, wall post


Part I Ready To Rock

Place the Climbing Wall
Clear 4 Rocks on your homestead
Gather 6 Climbing Permits direct request

Rewards: 500 coins, 2 Rocks, 3 Banyan Trees

Part II Boulder Mountain

Gather 25 Super Juice, drops from Boysenberries
Harvest 15 Violas, free gifts
Upgrade the Climbing Wall

Rewards: Tough Hand tonic, Fully grown pine, 2 mountain goats

Part III Pole Position

Gather 20 Socks, drops from mountain goats
Craft 5 Book of Knots
Upgrade the Climbing wall

Rewards: Bullwhip, 2 wilderness crates, rawhide gloves

Crafting: Each book of knots requires 3 Binding Thread, drops from non sapling pines, and 2 Knot Diagrams, wall post

Part IV Members Only

Gather 30 Cold Lemonades, drop from lemon trees
Harvest 40 Mountain Blueberries
Complete the Climbing Wall

Rewards: Crazier Cake, Wilderness Juice, 2 Pack Rams

Wrapper Mission - Hank the Hen

Tend 30 Chickens
Place Unhatched egg from the market
Tend 4 different hatched eggs:Merlin, Osprey, Gyrfalcon, & Harrier

Rewards: Yosemite Tree Crate, Smoked Buffalo Ribs, Book of Experience

Note: Unhatched eggs are bought in the market, there is a 1 in 4 chance of each bird appearing. Eggs must be tended with 8 Incubation Blankets each, Incubation blankets are made from 2 soft down Feather, drop from standard geese and 3 Cloth comforter, wall post

There are two new animals, both rewards and also available for HS, The Mountain Goat and the Pack Ram.

We will see three new items in the market, two crops and a tree. Violas, a 6 hour harvest and Winterberry a 4 hour harvest are the new crops and the new tree is a Banyan Tree, It will be storeable in the orchard. All the new items are HS in the market but will also be on the free gift page.

And of course there is a new collection, the healty Hank collection.

Climbing pick, Zip-Line, Climbing Hold, Climbing Helmet, Climbing Chalk

Rewards: 1000 coins, 200XP,3 Violas,2 Winterberries


Good luck!


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