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Question-whiteWhen can you buy the back expasions with coins?

by Christine Tyc - Dec 29, 2012 Star_s391 views

Does anyone know at what point you can buy the back extensions of land? I need space for trees etc..,but they are only offering them to me for FV2Bucks. Don't have any only spent about $10.00 on this game total I'm poor don't have cash to pay on this game???

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12-em-plus add reply

As far as I know, FarmVille 2 has not announced when the back row of expansion plots will become available. I wouldn't expect it to be too much longer since many players have already maxed out at Level 40.

P.S. When those plots do become available, my guess is that one or more of them will have requirements that can't be completed until you reach Level 40 or higher. You may have to decide which trees to keep and which to sell in the meantime.

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