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Question-whiteI just started this and need help!

by Megan Nesbitt - Dec 31, 2012 Star_s10,931 views

How do I earn enought energy to play without having to spend all my money or bug my friends on facebook constantly to play this game? Do I really have to wait days to earn more energy? Is there no better way??? Confused... Please help

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@Bab Bab Bab - how do you find other players seeking partners?


First, join the App Page (not the App) and view the feed. There's freebies given away all the time and, more importantly, there are people seeking partners. Add a few and share energy, gifts and other stuff with each other. It's vastly improved my 'cool down' period between full energy bars.

Picture?type=square do we get hamburgers daily? is there anything I am missing or its just some stage completion that gives us burgers?


also that depends on how long u want to play. i really don't think it's too litte energy. daily your energy will refill twice...along with some bonuses and lvl up refil...i think it's enough. about one hour of this game daily is really fine by my standards! good luck playing!


Energy is slow to accumulate. check your feeds for orange juice (max 3 per day) potato chips (1 per day i think) and hamburgers. Add friends, who can send energy every day. I didn't know when I started this game that I would spend so much time finding hidden objects :(. Takes a loooong time to accumulate stars. Good luck!

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