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Light-bulbThanks to the Gamers Unite! Angel members for donating to charities in 2012!

by Amy Wong - Dec 31, 2012 Star_s438 views

Thank you to all of our generous Angel Members, with your contribution, we were able to donate a total of $2,796 to charities in 2012! As promised, we donated all the proceeds today and would like to post the confirmation letters here!

  1. $744 to American Red Cross

    American Red Cross

    American Red Cross

  2. $848 to Unicef



  3. $848 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

    Breast Cancer Research Foundation

    The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

  4. $192 to Kiva



  5. Electronic Frontier Foundation

    Electronic Frontier Foundation donation


The total donation amount for Unicef was actually $540 but I accidentally donated the total amount of Breast Cancer Research Foundation which was $848 :P So I donated an extra $77 to Unicef from my own pocket and with the help of GU!'s matching program, I got to contribute $308 in total to children in need!

Again, we are so thankful to all the generous members for making this happen! At Gamers Unite! we really care about helping each other, whether it's making your gaming life easier or to support the community. We really think giving back to the community or to those who are really in need will make this world a better place!

In 2013, we will be adding ASPCA to the list for people to help save animal lives. Please let us know if you have any other charities that you think should be added. May 2013 be another great year for all!

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